Pet Insurance

Pet insurance helps you cover expensive medical bills if your pet becomes ill or injured. You can also get reimbursed for preventative care, such as vaccinations and checkups, depending on the coverages you choose. People frequently buy pet insurance plans for their dog or cat to help cover the costs of emergency medical care or serious illnesses, including cancer treatment.
Pet insurance pays, partly or in total, for veterinary treatment of the insured person's ill or injured pet. Some policies will pay out when the pet dies, or if the pet is lost or stolen.
As veterinary medicine is increasingly employing expensive medical techniques and drugs, and owners have higher expectations for their pets' health care and standard of living than previously, the market for pet insurance has increased.
Many pet owners believe pet insurance is a variation of human health insurance; however, pet insurance is actually a form of property insurance. As such, pet insurance reimburses the owner after the pet has received care and the owner submits a claim to the insurance company. Pet insurance policies primarily cover dogs, cats and horses though more exotic species of animal can obtain coverage.
When your customers are looking for the best possible care for their pets, they’ll get it with the wide variety of policies and options offered through you, by Hartville Pet Insurance Group. As long as their cat or dog is at least eight weeks old, all of your customers are eligible for a pet health insurance plan, whether or not they have Safeco coverage. Just five rating variables: ZIP code, dog or cat, breed, age and gender.

Pet health insurance covers a wide variety of medical expenses:

  • Accidents/injury
  • Illness
  • Hospitalization
  • Emergency vet visits
  • Surgery
  • Vaccinations
  • Annual physicals
  • Flea prevention
  • Dental trauma
  • Some alternative therapies


Coverage for accidents and preventive care (if purchased) begins immediately on the plan’s effective date; illnesses and knee/ligament injuries have a 14-day waiting period.
Although premiums will increase as a covered pet gets older, a policy will never be cancelled or downgraded due to a pet’s age or health.
Pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures and/or costs associated with breeding or pregnancy are not covered; waiting periods may apply, and products and discounts are subject to change.
Safeco customers in most states qualify for a discounted rate. Pet health insurance is available countrywide (excluding platform agents).


Accident coverage will take of costs for injuries and emergencies related to accidents, like torn ligaments, bite wounds, cuts, broken bones, lodged foreign objects, and toxic indigestions.


With illness coverage, you'll be reimbursed for the costs of major and minor illness, such as cancer, arthritis, allergies, hypothyroidism, digestive problems, and UTIs.

Hereditary & Congenital Conditions

This coverage is for the cost of inherited conditions and birth defects that don't show symptons until later in your pet's life, like heart disease, IVDD, eye disorders, and hip dysplasia.

Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues coverage can help with the costs of vet visits for concerning behaviors that may be related to anxiety or compulsive behavior, like excessive licking, fur pulling, and destruction of the home.


Claims are handled via reimbursement to your customer.

Here's how it works:

  • Customer takes their pet for a covered treatment
  • Customer pays the vet bill
  • Customer submits a claim to be reimbursed
That’s it! After the annual deductible is met, the reimbursement amount will be 70%, 80% or 90% of the cost, based on the level selected when the policy was purchased. Reimbursements can be deposited directly into a customer’s bank account or sent via check. Typically, it takes 14-16 business days to process a claim. Customers can call Hartville at 1-855-290-8494 with questions about the policy or a claim, or log into their online account to download a claim, track the status of a claim, sign up for direct deposit for claims and more.

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